The leading low-code application development platform


Imagine apps that boost your operational efficiency, connect and integrate with your edge devices, assets and data systems, launch new industrial products, and create the digital experiences that your customers are demanding. Mendix is the development platform that brings it all together. 

Connect the wealth of knowledge inside your organization by bringing domain experts and IT professionals together to develop IoT solutions using low-code development. Mendix, the low-code application development platform empowers anyone to build apps faster, with fewer resources.


Empower experts to build apps with impact

Simplify IT and OT collaboration

Mendix is the only development platform that empowers the collaboration of domain experts and developers to build value-driving solutions. With its no-code, low-code and code-full options, Mendix creates a space where everyone can contribute in an agile way. 


Deliver experience users need

Many people in many places run your organization: Designers in an office, Machinists on the shop floor, Technicians in the field - Each expert has a unique need. With Mendix, you build one app to serve them all. Give them what they need where they need it: On desktops, tablets, wearables, and in VR.

All-in-one low-code platform

Connect AI and cognitive services, deliver end-to-end process automation, or integrate data and logic - Mendix makes it fast and easy. The all-in-one platform meets your needs to build and integrate your IIoT solution. Done? Multiple cloud options let you deploy your app from on place to anywhere with one click.

Strong on their own, best as a team

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From edge to cloud - powering the convergence of IT and OT

Edge computing

with Industrial Edge

Leverage machine data in real time and at scale to improve processes

IIoT as a service

with MindSphere

Maximize the benefits of industrial data with AI and advanced analytics in the cloud

Connect with an IIoT expert

Business case, scope, goals: There is no one-size-fits-all IIoT strategy. Explore how you can leverage the power of IIoT to drive the value of your machinery and your business model.