Industrial Edge

The easiest way to integrate information technology into production


Siemens’ cloud and edge computing solutions come with ready-to-use software for industrial environments. Leveraging the latest in IT, the solutions help you exploit machine data in real time, either at the machine level or across production sites anywhere in the world. These enhanced capabilities allow machine builders to offer customers innovative services and apps anywhere in the world.

Cloud or edge computing? With Siemens Industrial Edge, you do not have to choose. You can use either or both - whatever best serves your specific use case. Industrial Edge helps you to simplify your shop floor IT. It lets you take advantage of the benefits of IT in automation technology giving you a safe and flexible way to collect and analyze machine and plant data.


Boost the business value of your shop floor data

Local, decentralized and fast

With Industrial Edge, you process, store, and analyze data in real time, at the machine level. Centralized management of edge devices and apps reduces the footprint of operations, deployment, and maintenance.

Complete control over your data

Industry-specific regulations or corporate policies: Use the secure alternative to store and analyze sensitive production data off-site. Our edge computing solution gives you full control over what data to process and where to use it. You can even host our integrated app and device lifecycle management on-site.

Lower cost of data storage and transfer

With Industrial Edge, you handle data evaluation and analysis at the point of origin. You can use various algorithms and apps to preprocess data before transferring it to cloud services for further analysis.

Strong on their own, best as a team

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From edge to cloud - powering the convergence of IT and OT

IIoT as a service

with MindSphere

Maximize the benefits of industrial data with AI and advanced analytics in the cloud

Low-code platform


Have application development capabilities at hand, even without coding experience

Connect with an IIoT expert

Business case, scope, goals: There is no one-size-fits-all IIoT strategy. Explore how you can leverage the power of IIoT to drive the value of your operations and business model.