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MindSphere Future Water Hack

6 March - 10 March 2022


You’d think on a planet of oceans as blue as ours, clean drinkable water is abundant. If current usage trends persist, by 2040, roughly one in four children will live in areas of extremely high water stress. By 2050 half of the world’s population will face water shortages. The agriculture sector alone needs almost three-quarters of the water we use every year to feed our ever-growing population. It’s time to make a change, and change starts with every one of us.


At Expo 2020 Dubai, we invited passionate people with inventive minds to make the most of data, cloud, and IoT to help make the way we handle water – the key to our life on Earth – more sustainable, reliable, and efficient.

Finding solutions that help cities use water smarter 

At the Expo 2020 Dubai, we launched a series of open-innovation competitions, the MindSphere Future World Series, addressing five critical urban sustainability challenges. Our goal: To maximize the impact of people passionate about creating a sustainable tomorrow. The series’ Future Water Hack brought together development teams focusing on digital solutions for safeguarding the future of our water systems.

Meet the winning team of the Future Water Hack

It was a privilege to welcome so many inspiring teams at the Future Water Hack. From improving water supply networks to helping enterprises manage water, from protecting ever-growing cities from floods to boosting water efficiency, the solutions developed at the Future Water Hack tackled the decisive trends shaping the future of safe and sustainable water. Here are the creative water solutions that impressed the MindSphere jury most.


Harnessing the power of IoT connectivity and machine learning analytics to produce a digital twin of Bangkok’s waterways

The solution:

Using a combination of industrial IoT services in MindSphere and low-code applications the startup developed a solution that is able to monitor, predict and control the water levels across the city and ultimately mitigate the risk of flooding in Bangkok.

The benefits:

  • Predicting and controlling urban flooding
  • Optimizing the controls of water gates and pumps to reduce flooding issues
  • Creating a digital twin for flood resilience that is scalable to any city
  • Fostering social engagement through user-generated data (i.e. 'social sensors')

Explore the brilliant solutions participating teams came up with

Enterprise water management solutions to protect what matters most

The solution:

Combining a unique hardware solution with industrial IoT services in MindSphere and low-code to reduce costs and increase value to their customers through services such as intelligent flow-based leak detection.

The benefits:

  • Cloud visualization and data analytics in high resolution
  • Anomaly detection and isolation via automatic shut-off control
  • Achieve water and efficiency goals via integrated device automation

Combining a fully integrated monitoring solution with advanced cloud analytics to unlock the potential of water networks

The solution:

Designed for water utilities, this solution uses MindSphere to connect, manage, monitor and analyze a network of wireless self-powered water meters (PT1) to gain powerful insights into the operation of water networks.

The benefits:

  • Seamless Device-to-Cloud connection with real-time pipe data
  • Advanced leak location
  • Using the energy of the moving water to power the device

Low-code IoT solution enabling precise real-time monitoring of urban street sweepers

The solution:

The startup has integrated industrial IoT services in MindSphere and low-code in their solution, to reduce waste of water, CO2, and energy consumption for their customers by monitoring, analyzing, and improving the efficiency of urban street sweepers.

The benefits:

  • Reduce street cleaning costs
  • Reduce litter to sewage system, rivers & lakes
  • 20% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 96% reduction in water usage
  • Real-time autonomous supervision

Using data science insights to manage and conserve earth's most valuable resources

The solution:

By using edge computing, industrial IoT services in MindSphere, and bi-directional communication, Scubic is able to reduce energy costs and strain on infrastructure by monitoring, predicting, optimizing, evaluating, and ultimately controlling the flow of water across water networks.

The benefits:

  • Network asset optimization
  • Secure operations & communications
  • Energy optimization and OPEX cost reduction

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The app that inspired us and could inspire you

The ground-breaking MindSphere Smart City App and its IoT framework helped make Expo 2020 Dubai the most sustainable Expo in the history of World Expos. Their success in combining individual applications to address the specific needs and circumstances of an urban environment has created a blueprint for smart cities everywhere. This open, flexible, and synergetic approach to solving complex challenges inspired the MindSphere Future World Series.

Siemens Mindsphere demo expo 2020

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