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MindSphere Future Mobility Hack

9 January – 13 January 2022


With everything and everybody on the move, urban population growth is fast outpacing the capacity of cities to support conventional mobility. Energy use, traffic congestion, emissions, and air and noise pollution continue to rise at an alarming pace. It’s time to make a change, and change starts with every one of us.

At Expo 2020 Dubai, we invited passionate people with inventive minds to make the most of data, cloud, and IoT to future-proof mobility.

Finding solutions that help get people and things where they need to go

At the Expo 2020 Dubai, we launched a series of open-innovation competitions, the MindSphere Future World Series, addressing five critical urban sustainability challenges. The series’ Future Mobility Hack brought together development teams focusing on digital mobility solutions.

Meet the winning team of the Future Mobility Hack

It was a privilege to welcome so many inspiring teams at the Future Mobility Hack. From smart solutions for better throughput and availability to environmental monitoring to intelligent traffic management, the solutions developed at the Future Mobility Hack addressed the decisive trends shaping the future of safe and sustainable mobility. Here are the creative mobility solutions that impressed the MindSphere jury most.


IoT solution for PRM transport in airports

The solution:

Exomotion used MindSphere to monitor the device status of their innovative wheelchairs and gather data around the entire airport infrastructure, such as request volume, maintenance needs, and much more.

The benefits:

  • Collects and analyses data on wheelchair device status, traffic, PRM requests, gate and elevator status within an airport site for enhanced mobility
  • Automated, efficient, and convenient devices with a high level of motion freedom
  • Sustainable transportation technology, saving cost and enhancing scalability

Explore the brilliant solutions participating teams came up with

Data analytics tool for sustainable multi-model mobility solutions

The solution:

Through user-generated data & MindSphere, Ualabee uses maps transportation data in emerging cities to create more sustainable urban areas across the globe.

The benefits:

  • Uses real-time information, making the travel assistant more accurate and enriching Data Tools for clients and partners.
  • Provides schedules and routes of urban transportation, micromobility, and ride-hailing services
  • Providing updated mobility data, crowdsourced insights, accurate trip-planner solutions through user interaction
  • Provides Rich Information & Trip-Planner Tools to people and partners, optimizing the adoption of Mobility as a Service in emerging markets

Health reporting & maintenance prediction for vehicles

The solution:

DX Digital Africa developed a solution to process time-series vehicle data for analysis and generation of actionable insights for predictive, cost-efficient, and sustainable management of vehicles.

The benefits:

  • Automotive intelligence platform solution that manages customers’ fleets through data to realize costs savings and lower operating expenses by up to 35%
  • Lowering carbon footprint, expanding the longevity of used cars, ensuring vehicle safety
  • Predictive maintenance and management of vehicles

A turn-key product to monitor, manage and improve air quality

The solution:

The startup uses MindSphere to analyze correlations between air quality and mobility data within cities and make the urban space more livable.

The benefits:

  • Fully digital solution with a relatively low cost of ownership, which can be deployed in any environment, both indoors and outdoors
  • Unique clean air action recommendations together with AI for the most suitable interventions to raise air quality and data tracking for adjustments and recommendations
  • Supports clients in analyzing air quality data based on local regulatory frameworks to make resulting recommendations

AI- & cloud-based solution to provide customer support in electric mobility

The solution:

The startup has developed an IoT app, that aims to accelerate the electrification of cities by generating predictions and recommendations, which help to optimize the charging infrastructure.

The benefits:

  • Automated solution to support first-time users of electric mobility and smart charging solutions to efficiently connect the mobility, electricity, and property sectors
  • Live data is enabled through MindSphere and used for improved solution accuracy and management of live mobility and charging
  • Customized solutions, automated fast planning & optimization, live controlling and management of systems, sales support, and consulting & engineering

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The app that inspired us and could inspire you

The ground-breaking MindSphere Smart City App and its IoT framework helped make Expo 2020 Dubai the most sustainable Expo in the history of World Expos. Their success in combining individual applications to address the specific needs and circumstances of an urban environment has created a blueprint for smart cities everywhere. This open, flexible, and synergetic approach to solving complex challenges inspired the MindSphere Future World Series.

Siemens Mindsphere demo expo 2020

Mastercard Future Transportation Hack powered by Siemens

How to create a sustainable mixed transportation journey? Mastercard and Siemens launched a unique hackathon designed to answer this very question. This co-host challenge at the MindSphere Future World Series inspired development teams to create a range of easy-to-use IoT solutions that help commuters make smarter and more sustainable decisions – at the touch of a button.


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