Scaling solutions across factories of the future

MHP Future Factory Hack powered by Siemens

6 February - 10 February 2022


How to scale industrial solutions if every factory is different? MHP and Siemens launched a unique hackathon designed to answer this very question.


This co-hosted challenge at the MindSphere Future World Series at Expo 2020 Dubai inspired teams to explore simulating and scaling use cases with the new standardized Digital Twin for Manufacturing created by MHP and Siemens.

Meet MHP, our co-host at the MHP Future Factory Hack

The MHP Future Factory Hack powered by Siemens was a co-hosted challenge in a series of seven open-innovation competitions at Expo 2020 Dubai, the MindSphere Future World Series. MHP is a leading management and IT consultancy, headquartered in Karlsruhe-Ettlingen, Germany. MHP helps clients establish intelligent and flexible manufacturing processes, increase performance, and achieve a zero-impact factory.

Meet the winning team of the MHP Future Factory Hack

It was a privilege to see the teams’ enthusiams and excitement at being the very first to work with a Digital Twin of Manufacturing.
For the hackathon challenge, MHP fed an engineering-based and industrial-grade digital twin with live data fully comparable to operational data from real production lines. From AI-powered platforms to machine learning, from tracing carbon footprints to powering of mobile robots and fully-digital business management, here are the creative solutions that impressed the MindSphere jury most.


Cloud-based ERP system enhanced with intelligent AI-powered modeling simulation

The solution:

The AI-powered platform enables data simulation and fast model building while creating a framework for the scalability of data models and digital twins. Logyc built an end-to-end digital twin of a factory with advanced simulation capabilities and connected real-time data from MindSphere to create models to turn collected data into actionable insights.

The benefits:

  • Platform allows companies to create their end-to-end value chain quickly
  • Empowers stakeholders/functions to quickly turn data and knowledge into operational impact and run “what-if” scenario simulation
  • Enables identification and mitigation of bottlenecks, anticipates future problems, and improves asset utilization planning & event forecasting

Explore the brilliant solutions participating teams came up with

QLECTOR LEAP as a map for factories 

The solution:

QLECTOR LEAP works as a guide for factories and the production process. The solution uses historical and live data from MindSphere to forecast production using AI algorithms to suggest optimal measures when unplanned events occur.

The benefits:

  • QLECTOR LEAP helps to guide production processes in the same way as GPS supports your road trip
  • The solution addresses challenges across industries while being designed individually for each industry in collaboration with leading industry experts
  • By using AI, QLECTOR LEAP can learn and adapt to the specificity of a company

Maximizing the digital supply chain automation with a platform for Track & Trace automation

The solution:

The startup has created a disruptive solution that assists companies in reducing emissions by calculating the carbon footprint of individual products throughout their lifecycle. MindSphere was used as a platform to collect data on emissions & reduce the supply chain’s CO2 impact.

The benefits:

  • All data is stored in decentralized data centers with 99,9% fault tolerance, which increases safety
  • Offers unlimited scalability in boosting supply chain performance exponentially
  • By running solutions right away in the cloud without ties to virtual machines flexibility is enhanced

Smart-Load-Dispatcher through the Charging Management Platform solution "etaHUB"

The solution:

The startup aims to increase the operational efficiency of electric vehicle fleets. The solution etaHUB as a management platform offers an optimized charging schedule to minimize peak load and maximize renewable energy use, fully integrated into MindSphere by hosting the platform on the MindSphere CloudFoundry Runtime.

The benefits:

  • Managed in-process charging as a service to increase fleet efficiency or decrease fleet size by 30% to enable cost savings.
  • Battery Lifecycle Management module for predictive maintenance functionality and data collecting for second-life applications
  • The module Smart-Load-Dispatcher benefits clients through management of electricity costs and simultaneously lowering the CO2 footprint

Digitalizing SME‘s by building an intelligent ecosystem

The solution: 

With their solution, the startup aims to improve the quality of life and enhance productivity across business value chains. It enables the reduction of losses in manufacturing plants, such as e.g. plant failure, micro stops, slow-downs, and quality loss, utilizing different MindSphere services like Predictive Learning.

The benefits:

  • Enables the reduction of losses in manufacturing plants, such as plant failure, micro stops, slow-downs, and quality loss, while achieving a waste reduction of 5%
  • Offers an operator-friendly dashboard as well as comfortable and adoptive AI units
  • Machines and simplified sensors can effortlessly be added, while UX is enhanced through manageable layout and routing  

5 MVPs with real business value in 4 weeks working with MindSphere.

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The app that inspired us and could inspire you

The ground-breaking MindSphere Smart City App and its IoT framework helped make Expo 2020 Dubai the most sustainable Expo in the history of World Expos. Their success in combining individual applications to address the specific needs and circumstances of an urban environment has created a blueprint for smart cities everywhere. This open, flexible, and synergetic approach to solving complex challenges inspired the MindSphere Future World Series.

Siemens Mindsphere demo expo 2020

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