Digitally generated data will take productivity to the next level!

The process industry is facing challenegs, for example, shorter delivery times, smaller batch sizes, faster times to market for innovative products, and increasing global competition. The use of digitalization has been a push in the right direction, but why stop there? 

Siemens is searching for the solutions that are going to innovate the use of smart recommendations, generative design, anomaly detection and preventive maintenance.

Unleash the full potential of data!


The Big Five of the MindSphere Future World Series: 5 topics, 5 programs

Tackle the challenges for each topic!

1 Oct. 2021 - 06 Nov. 2021

Buildings - The human habitat

7 Nov. 2021 - 11 Dec. 2021

Energy - Power for everything

12 Dec. 2021 - 15 Jan. 2022

Mobility - Everything on the move

20 Feb. 2022 - 26 Mar. 2022

Water - The key to life on earth