Digitally generated data will take productivity to the next level!

The process industry is facing challenges, for example, shorter delivery times, smaller batch sizes, faster times to market for innovative products, and increasing global competition. The use of digitalization has been a push in the right direction, but why stop there? 

Siemens is searching for the solutions that are going to innovate the use of smart recommendations, generative design, anomaly detection and preventive maintenance.

Unleash the full potential of data!


Future Industry Hack - Startups shaping future smart cities

Future Industry Hack

How do you envisage the future of industries?

Our finalists have been selected! In a few weeks, the onsite hackathon will start at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Be part of the event and watch the Pitch Day live on February 9th, 2022.

Finalist Startups


The start-up: weAR believes in Extended Realities since 2014. Born to make instructions referencing super simple for technicians to speed up their operations using Augmented Reality, with the constant R&D of the team became able to embed the IIoT and Digital Twin ecosystems. Those two are the soul of digitalization and XR can be the body, as most intuitive interface in the real world, with smartglasses or almost any mobile device.

Finalist Startups


The start-up: 40Factory is an innovative startup that develops scalable A-IIoT (Artificial Intelligence & Industrial Internet of Things) solutions for the industrial sector. Our solutions allow both OEMs and end-users to generate value from the raw data generated by their machines, synergistically integrating IoT, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and UI / UX technologies. Our smart AI approach is self-adaptive to the operating context of the machines, therefore compatible with a recurring and scalable business model.

Finalist Startups

H2Ok Innovations

The start-up: H2Ok Innovations is an IoT-enabled analytics platform providing data-driven optimization of industrial liquid systems for manufacturing and supply chain. Our platform consists of a deployed network of our commodity versatile sensors, coupled with our ML-based optimization software. We are working with industrial enterprises across the grid from Cargill, to Unilever, Coca-Cola, Dairy Farmers of America, Ecolab, to chemical manufacturing, and more. 

Finalist Startups

AccessHub B.V.

The start-up: AccessHub is a Dutch company developing privacy-centric solutions for industrial and business communications with a strong focus on data trustworthiness and sovereignty. Our international team consists of 12 high-skilled professionals with great experience in software and hardware development.

Finalist Startups


The start-up: The Fortifyedge team is an Australian DeepTech Startup exploring the next generation of use cases for highly mobile users and workers built on industry 4.0 connected things that need the best security and user experience possible. Our multi-disciplined team brings decades of disciplined operational and entrepreneurial experience from Silicon Valley start-ups and senior management positions at Fortune 500s and Government needed bringing to life innovation. 

Take part in the MindSphere Future World Series

MHP Future Factory Hack

How to scale industrial solutions if every factory is different?

For the first time, Siemens’ & MHP’s standardized Digital Twin for Production will be made available for the MHP Future Factory Hack, based on real manufacturing data from multiple sources. This will allow leveraging fully digitized industrial solutions to achieve, for example, zero impact manufacturing. Can you develop an IIoT app and create its first use case?

Coding class

„WEimpACT“ Experience Class Mendix Deep Dive

Mendix Introduction will add great value if you’re completely new to either Mendix or Low-Code. We will show you how Mendix is able to blur the lines between business and IT and increases efficiency within application delivery. We will talk about what’s possible to build with Mendix combined with customer examples from the water area. We will close off by showing some of the awesome capabilities Low-Code with Mendix has to offer.

Meet the Expert

Expert Session "MindSphere Smart City App"

At Expo 2020, Siemens created a blueprint for future Smart Cities. At the heart of the site’s infrastructure stands a pioneering IIoT solution: the MindSphere Smart City App. It collects, monitors, correlates, and analyzes Expo site data in the cloud as a single source of truth to help drive Expo’s high sustainability goals and KPIs.

Listen to Siemens’ VP IoT & Technology and Innovation Afzal Shabaz Mohammed speak about how MindSphere is making Expo 2020 Dubai smarter, safer, and greener.

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The Big Five of the MindSphere Future World Series: 5 topics, 5 programs

Tackle the challenges for each topic!

1 Oct. 2021 - 06 Nov. 2021

Buildings - The human habitat

7 Nov. 2021 - 11 Dec. 2021

Energy - Power for everything

12 Dec. 2021 - 15 Jan. 2022

Mobility - Everything on the move

20 Feb. 2022 - 26 Mar. 2022

Water - The key to life on earth

Harness the power of IIoT with the MindSphere City App

At the heart of the MindSphere Future world Series stand two powerful forces, the ground-breaking MindSphere Smart City App and the IoT framework that brings the physical Expo site into the digital world. Both were designed and built to solve a unique challenge: To help make Expo 2020 Dubai the most sustainable Expo in the history of World Expos.​

Siemens Mindsphere demo expo 2020