Renewable energy transforms cities and industries!

Even though digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization radically change energy systems worldwide, energy consumption remains at an all-time high. Now is the time to accelerate towards a carbon-neutral future that will reliably and economically supply the world with sustainable energy.

Siemens is looking for leading-edge solutions that will shape the future of energy.
Let’s use the power of IoT to help create an environment that cares.

Be part of the solution!


The Future Energy Hackathon starts in...

We are already very excited about the upcoming solutions of the participating startups and look forward to sharing the results and impressions with you soon!

The Future Energy Hackathon

Future Energy Hack - Startups shaping future smart cities


How do you envisage the future of energy?

You have ideas how IoT and digital technology could make how we consume energy more efficient and sustainable? We welcome startups and companies to join our energy hackathons. Spread your wings, we’ll help you fly!


Participating Startups


The startup: Ekkono is a software company that provides edge machine learning. The product is based on seven years of university research and can scale down to run on tiny devices with MCUs. Ekkono actually does machine LEARNING – not just inference – at the edge.

The idea: Ekkono offers an embedded software library to deploy edge machine learning on IoT. The SDK provides unique features, like incremental learning on streaming data, change detectors, and conformal predictions, with the smallest footprint in the market.

Participating Startups


The start-up: Koolboks designs & commercializes connected & energy-efficient solar-powered cooling systems equipped with pay-as-you-go technology, enabling access to clean refrigeration paid in small installments.

The idea: Our solar-powered freezers with "kool" ice battery technology are additionally equipped with IoT for geo-location, temperature monitoring and to facilitate lease-to-own payments.

Participating Startups

Talos IoT

The start-up: Talos IoT delivers “digital twins” for the 1.6 billion HVAC Units in the world, we make fast sustainability and live efficiency happen utilizing real-time data, predictive analytics, and accounting at the HVAC unit – any HVAC unit.

Participating Startups

Pandata Tech

The start-up: Pandata Tech's AI and physics software tells companies and federal organizations which data they can trust to make critical decisions in daily operations, unforeseen events, and for future planning.

The idea: Pandata Tech's AI and physics data quality platform gives data professionals 60% of their time back and makes algorithms 50% more reliable by automating data cleaning, normalization, and validation.

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Coding class

"WEimpACT“ Experience Class Mendix Deep Dive

Mendix Deep Dive provides a broad introduction to the Mendix platform. Through a combination of structured, hands-on exercises, slides and online resources, you’ll use core-product capabilities that allow you to build software solutions without code.

You’ll hear about a variety of customer success stories and use cases from the energy area, be introduced to our methodology for driving successful implementations and adoption, and meet some of the Mendix technical team that can help you on your low-code journey.


Meet the expert

How does the future of energy look like?

Listen to our experts how MindSphere and IIoT will support the global energy transition and how the challenges of the future can be solved.      Learn how MindSphere is helping Expo 2020 Dubai to become the most sustainable expo site ever.

Join the discussion and share your questions or ideas with the audience. 


The Big Five of the MindSphere Future World Series: 5 topics, 5 programs

Tackle the challenges for each topic!

1 Oct. 2021 - 06 Nov. 2021

Buildings - The human habitat

12 Dec. 2021 - 15 Jan. 2022

Mobility - Everything on the move

16 Jan. 2022 - 19 Feb. 2022

Industry - Goods for the world 

20 Feb. 2022 - 26 Mar. 2022

Water - The key to life on earth

Harness the power of IIoT with the MindSphere City App

At the heart of the MindSphere Future world Series stand two powerful forces, the ground-breaking MindSphere Smart City App and the IoT framework that brings the physical Expo site into the digital world. Both were designed and built to solve a unique challenge: To help make Expo 2020 Dubai the most sustainable Expo in the history of World Expos.​

Siemens Mindsphere demo expo 2020