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MindSphere Future Energy Hack

28 November 2021 – 2 December 2021


Digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization are rapidly transforming the way we supply, use, and save energy. Still, energy usage continues to soar. It is set to rise by 40% over the next 30 years. IoT will be critical in our struggle to achieve net-zero while ensuring ever-faster growing city populations have reliable access to affordable green power.


It’s time to make a change, and change starts now with every one of us. At Expo 2020 Dubai, we invited inventive minds to use the power of data, cloud, and IoT to power a smart and sustainable energy future.

Solutions helping to supply power for everything and everyone

At the Expo 2020 Dubai, we launched a series of open-innovation competitions, the MindSphere Future World Series, addressing five critical urban sustainability challenges. The series’ Future Energy Hack brought together development teams focusing on digital energy solutions.

Meet the winning team of the Future Energy Hack

It was a privilege to welcome so many inspiring teams at the Future Energy Hack. From incremental machine-learning for the tiniest edge devices to digital twins for HVAC units, from solar powered freezers to helping you identify energy and grid data you can trust, the solutions developed at the Future Energy Hack addressed different aspects of how we can supply the world with sustainable energy. Here are the creative solutions that impressed the MindSphere jury most.


Incremental edge machine learning for individual predictive maintenance

The solution:

Ekkono makes connected things (IoT) smart. Contrary to traditional machine learning, where data is collected from thousands of devices to find common denominators, Ekkono's Edge Machine Learning can learn the normal behavior of an individual unit and detect deviations. 

The benefits:

  • Enables companies in different industries to rapidly develop and deploy self-learning, predictive and personalized smart features
  • Solution can run on virtually everything and has unique capabilities while complementing and integrating intuitively with MindSphere
  • Added business value through new service offerings, product upgrades, remote maintenance, auto-tuning, etc.
  • Supports clients to optimize every unit, avoid fatal wear and enable extended product life as well as maximizing the use of wear parts

Discover other amazing IoT solutions around the Energy challenge

Cooling-as-a-service model through connecting solar-powered, IoT-ized refrigerators

The solution:

Koolboks has created a connected, sustainable, and accessible refrigeration solution that is able to generate continuous cooling in the absence of power from the grid. By connecting solar-powered refrigerators with IoT sensors, cooling-as-a-service can be offered at a low monthly cost. The startup uses MindSphere as an enabling platform in the areas of scalability, sustainability, and data collection/monetization.

The benefits:

  • Eliminates upfront costs by offering CaaS with a low monthly fee
  • Protects the environment by using environmentally-friendly refrigerants.
  • Enables scalability of a growing fleet of fridges and provides operational insights for asset management from a single platform, while supporting collection and monetization of data related to the emerging African consumer as well as energy and cooling consumption
  • Sustainability impact by employing renewable energy, displacing generators & diesel, supporting a circular economy model and reducing wastage of food & vaccines in Africa

Data validation through data quality method (DQM)

The solution:

Algorithms miss up to 50% of predictable events (false negatives) and provide bad predictions (false positives). This leads to unreliable digital processes. With their AI and physics data quality platform, the startup enables major time savings for data professionals and improves liability of algorithms through automation of data cleaning, normalization, and validation.

The benefits:

  • Saves data professionals 60% of their time
  • Data quality method (DQM), algorithms are 50% more reliable by automating data cleaning, normalization, and validation
  • Enables cost-efficiency and –savings through automated and faster data validation

Intelligent HVAC maintenance data through digital twins

The solution:

Talos' solution focuses on predictive maintenance and enabling easier communication for the management of HVAC units. The team utilized MindSphere to present alarms that are specific to the operating conditions of HVAC systems.

The benefits:

  • Enables fast sustainability and live efficiency utilizing real-time data, predictive analytics, and accounting at any HVAC unit.
  • Predicts and prevents HVAC-R breakdowns via the Guardian: a wireless sensor board
  • Enables clients to reduce maintenance costs by up to 25% and downtime by up to 50%, as well as to eliminate up to 70% of breakdowns and cut unplanned outages by up to 50%
  • Fast delivery of the solution to the market – within 60 days

4 MVPs with real business value in 4 weeks working with MindSphere.

Imagine what you and MindSphere can achieve together! 

The app that inspired us and could inspire you

The ground-breaking MindSphere Smart City App and its IoT framework helped make Expo 2020 Dubai the most sustainable Expo in the history of World Expos. Their success in combining individual applications to address the specific needs and circumstances of an urban environment has created a blueprint for smart cities everywhere. This open, flexible, and synergetic approach to solving complex challenges inspired the MindSphere Future World Series.

Siemens Mindsphere demo expo 2020

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