MHP Future Factory Hack powered by Siemens

How to scale industrial solutions if every factory is different?

MHP & Siemens have defined a standardized Digital Twin for Production, which allows a generalized semantical model of e.g. a machine. For the first time, this Digital Twin will be made available for the MHP Future Factory Hack, based on real manufacturing data from multiple sources. Use cases such as comparing environmental data between different sites or along a global supply chain can now be implemented with ease. This will allow leveraging fully digitized industrial solutions to achieve, for example, zero impact manufacturing.

Can you develop an IIoT app and create its first use case?

Mastercard Future Transportation Hack powered by Siemens

How to create a sustainable mixed transportation journey?

Siemens has teamed up with Mastercard to launch a unique hackathon, designed to answer this very question. Its goal is to create an IoT solution, which displays different methods of transportation, calculates their carbon emissions, and recommends the most eco-friendly routes – all in one application. With a touch of a button, commuters will get the chance to make smarter and more sustainable decisions when it comes to their travel journey.

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