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MindSphere Future Buildings Hack

17 October - 21 October 2021


Where do we spend 90% of our time and burn 40% of the world’s energy? In buildings. Harnessing their vast potential for energy savings is critical for a future that sees the rapid growth of urban populations. It’s time to make a change, and change starts now, with every one of us.


At Expo 2020 Dubai, we asked bright minds to collaborate and make the most of data, cloud, and IoT to reimagine the spaces where we work, live, and play.

Solutions that help turn buildings into intelligent and sustainable spaces

At the Expo 2020 Dubai, we launched a series of open-innovation competitions, the MindSphere Future World Series, addressing five critical urban sustainability challenges. The series’ Future Buildings Hack brought together development teams focusing on buildings.

Meet the winning team of the Future Buildings Hack

It was a privilege to welcome so many inspiring teams at the Future Buildings Hack. From building bridges between energy markets and smart buildings to connecting building management systems to better manage building lifecycles to supporting facility management in cutting cost and carbon footprints, the solutions developed at the Future Buildings Hack addressed real-world use cases shaping the future of the urban real estate. Here are the solutions that impressed the MindSphere jury most.


Demand response service application as a bridge between energy markets and smart buildings

The solution:

With demand response as a solution, Fusebox aims to tackle the energy system demand and supply balancing issue. Mindsphere is integrated into the solution as a platform to provide aggregated assets and data.

The benefits:

  • Low cost of integration – Fusebox pays customers for going green
  • Flexible assets are used to balance the energy system.
  • Consumption is lowered in case of electricity deficit

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Lifecycle management via digital twin platform to link BIM / GIS environments with multiple sources of data

The solution:

"POWERBIM" is a digital twin ecosystem for building lifecycle performance for smart buildings integrated in smart cities. With this solution relationships and data transfer can be created between infrastructures, using MindSphere for its IoT connectivity and as a data lake.

The benefits:

  • POWERBIM as an easy-to-use and cost-effective platform for asset lifecycle management
  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously by integrating BMS, EMS, IoT systems,  providing business intelligence dashboards and predictive analytics
  • Increased ROI of projects through application of POWERBIM, providing higher cost savings and up to 30% improved building performance indicators

Efficient management of working environments while reducing cost and carbon footprint

The solution:

With their solution "Optimize my Office" and the help of IoT, Codestryke supports e.g. facility managers to manage and organize working spaces in offices efficiently while enabling cost savings and reduction of CO2 footprint.

The benefits:

  • Improved sustainability and cost reduction by automatically minimizing energy consumption
  • Easy reorganization of office spaces if needed, e.g. by repurposing underutilized meeting rooms
  • Creates more effective work environments, e.g. based on temperature and O2 saturation data.

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The app that inspired us and could inspire you

The ground-breaking MindSphere Smart City App and its IoT framework helped make Expo 2020 Dubai the most sustainable Expo in the history of World Expos. Their success in combining individual applications to address the specific needs and circumstances of an urban environment has created a blueprint for smart cities everywhere. This open, flexible, and synergetic approach to solving complex challenges inspired the MindSphere Future World Series.

Siemens Mindsphere demo expo 2020

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