Smart buildings play a unique role. How and why?

Buildings are an important lever in the quest for sustainability. Besides the fact that people spend 90% of their time in them, they are responsible for around 40% of global energy consumption. Harnessing this enormous potential for energy savings is crucial for future smart cities.

Join us at Expo 2020 Dubai as we use smart building technology from Siemens to measure and monitor sustainability metrics! MindSphere® collects, combines, and analyzes data from thousands of data points in buildings - in real-time on site.

The MindSphere Future World Series brings together people who care to help make our world smarter, more livable, and sustainable. To make an impact that counts, we set out challenges to find viable solutions to crucial sustainability issues with IoT. 


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Future Buildings Hack - Startups shaping future smart cities


Fusebox wins Future Buildings Hack!

The start-up: 
Fusebox connects smart infrastructure with energy markets, enabling consumers to earn revenue and contribute to a sustainable society.

The idea: 
Fusebox application is a bridge between energy markets and smart buldings in the Siemens MindSphere ecosystem. Both new and existing MindSphere customers can now easily unlock the benefits of the Fusebox demand response service.


Participating Startups


The startup: BIM6D is a digitalization, smart engineering, and software development company based in Barcelona, specialized in AECO industry, experts in BIM / GIS / VR / AR / IoT / Cloud Computing / Data Analytics.

The idea: POWERBIM is a DIGITALTWIN platform that links BIM / GIS environment to multiple sources of data from multiple building management systems (BMS, EMS, CMMS, IoT) to manage the lifecycle of the assets.

Participating Startups


The start-up: We are codestryke. With our IoT software solutions and services, we help our clients to realize IoT use cases. We are a team of 16, based in Munich and Gold Partners of Siemens MindSphere.

The idea: Our solution Optimize my office puts people in the center and helps facility managers to provide a comfortable and efficient working environment while reducing cost and carbon footprint with the help of IoT.

Highlights and impressions from this week's hackathon

Welcome to our hack room, where the teams can get comfortable and work on their ideas

Team Fusebox

Team Codestryke

Ready, set, HACK! #WEimpACT

Team BIM6D, Team, Codestryke, Team Fusebox, Siemens mentors & staff

Throughout the whole hackathon, the teams are supported by MindSphere experts.


The Buildings Topic Weeks are coming to an end - but the good news is: Energy is right around the corner.
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The Big Five of the MindSphere Future World Series: 5 topics, 5 programs

Tackle the challenges for each topic!

7 Nov. 2021 - 11 Dec. 2021

Energy - Power for everything

12 Dec. 2021 - 15 Jan. 2022

Mobility - Everything on the move

16 Jan. 2022 - 19 Feb. 2022

Industry - Producing good for the world

20 Feb. 2022 - 26 Mar. 2022

Water - Most valuable resource on earth

Harness the power of IIoT with the MindSphere City App

At the heart of the MindSphere Future world Series stand two powerful forces, the ground-breaking MindSphere Smart City App and the IoT framework that brings the physical Expo site into the digital world. Both were designed and built to solve a unique challenge: To help make Expo 2020 Dubai the most sustainable Expo in the history of World Expos.​

Siemens Mindsphere demo expo 2020