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Dashboarding with Visual Flow Creator

Create a dashboard and publish to your tenant

On the Visual Flow Creator app

  1. Add the dashboard nodes to the flow
    The dashboard nodes, called widgets, provide a set of nodes for reading, visualizing and analyzing data on a live dashboard
  2. Double click on the Dashboard node to edit properties
  3. Assign each node to a Group in a Tab
  4. Click on the Dashboard Tab to see the tab Layout
    The Layout defines the tabs with dashboard elements and links. 
  5. Create a Tab
    Edit the name of the tab
  6. On the Tab add one or more Groups
    Edit Group information
    This defines on which Tab that group will appear on the dashboard
  7. Re-order the tabs, groups and links
    Hover the mouse on the tab or group and see a red dashed line around the corresponded node
  8. Click on the open in browser icon for a quick visualization of the dashboards

See also the description of all dashboard nodes available in Visual Flow Creator


Group: A group is a container for multiple dashboard elements. You can add or edit a group for each flow and you can develop multiple groups under the tab.

Tabs: Tabs are created under dashboard window. You can add and edit groups and edit the group properties under the tab. You can add or edit multiple groups in the tabs.

Links: You can create links to other web pages in the dashboard panel of the sidebar window.

Dashboard Site: edit the widget formats for more customization.

Dashboard Theme: edit the color of the background and the upper bar of your dashboard, by default they are white and blue respectively, as well as the font of the text.

Access the dashboards via Dashboard Viewer or Fleet Manager

  1. On the Visual Flow Creator app, on the dashboard tab under Layout
  2. Click edit on the Tab to be published 
  3. On Access select Show in Dashboard Viewer and update
  4. On tab Theme, change the color of the dashboard
  5. Save the flow

On the MindSphere Launchpad, on the Dashboard Viewer

  1. Select the desired dashboard
  2. Visualize and interact with the the dashboard

On the MindSphere Launchpad, on the Fleet Manager app

  1. Filter and select the asset 
  2. Click on the Visual Flow Creator Plug in
  3. Visualize and interact with the the dashboard

Go to Visual Flow Creator KPI

Go to Visual Explorer Connector