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Quickly set up root cause analysis scenarios with Visual Analyzer

Mashup historical timeseries data from multiple assets in one view

Use the Visual Analyzer app coming soon version

  1. Select Create to begin bulding a new analysis
  2. In the top left corner search and select your asset
    Visual Analyzer uses the assets, aspects and variables defined in Asset Manager
  3. Add data
    Select one or more variables from your Asset with the plus icon 
  4. Set the time range located in the top right 
    The displayed data is updated in the working area
    Analyze how assets are performing within different time ranges
  5. Select another asset and variables
  6. Compare historical data from the assets

Create a time offset for multiple variables, groups and events

Create a time offset for multiple variables 

  1. Duplicate a variable 
  2. Create a time offset
  3. Compare results graphically
    Change color for better visualization
    Detailed comparison among time periods

Create a group

  1. Switch to stacked view
  2. Insert New Group
  3. Move the variables among different groups through drag and drop. Change group names.

Create an event

  1. Click Create Manual Event to create a note event to add an explanation or notification
    Detected anomalies can be logged with manual events
  2. Enter the required details
    Description, Severity (Error, Warning or Information), Timestamp, Asset and variable
  3. Activate events 
    Switch on and off events for each asset

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