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Monitor Assets with Fleet Manager

Monitor the status of your assets using different views

On the Fleet Manager app, choose assets to be displayed

By country

  1. Open the filter and sort dialog
  2. Select the Country
  3. Select the Asset Type 
    Only assets with applied filter will be displayed

On map view

  1. Switch to Show assets on map view
  2. Select Sort to visualize
    Assets with active or historical error state first
  3. Select specific filters to Asset Health 
    As Error, Information, OK and Warning
  4. Only assets with selected filters will be displayed on the map

A custom map

  1. Switch to Custom map
  2. Upload a picture of the facility
  3. Configure the position of the asset on the picture 
  4. Apply changes to save

Investigate issues with a deep dive into your information using Fleet Manager extensions

Available extensions Aspects, Events, Export, Info, Files and Rules and 3rd party plugin support

  1. Select an asset
  2. Open the Aspects extension
    Aspect plugin show available time series data and displays them in a chart 
  3. Adjust the the time span of displayed data 
  4. Select specific variable to display
  5. Analyze time series data
    Connection issues can be seen as Events

Analyze Events of Machines

  1. Open the Event extension
    Event plugin displays alerts and events from assets
  2. Check Event details
  3. Select one or more events and Acknowledge
    Events are displayed for detected correlations
  4. Open the Info extension
    Find details about selected asset as Asset Health
  5. View triggered actions on Map view

Create a new Rule 
Receive notifications and automatically detect issue with your connected assets

  1. Open the Rules extension
    The plus sign tab show the available extensions
  2. Click Create
    Follow the steps of the rule configuration
  3. Select one or more variables
  4. Define the conditions for the rule
    Hysteresis and debouncing time available
  5. Define the severity of the rule and description
    Information, Warning or Defect
    Define limited events for a specific time when needed
  6. Enter one or more e-mail addresses and check Asset state view
    The notifications of the asset state will be sent
  7. Define rule name and click Save

Open Visual Analyzer and Visual Flow Creator Dashboard from Fleet Manager

  1. Open the Aspects extension
  2. On the right corner click on the Visual Analyzer icon
  3. Compare variables and analyze how assets are performing
    display the threshold value of a rule as a boundary in the line chart
  1. Open the Visual Flow Creator plugin on the extensions
  2. See the preconfigure Visual Flow Creator dashboard
    The dashboard creator need to publish to the tenant

Go to Asset Manager

Go to Visual Analyzer