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Asset Manager, Fleet Manager, Visual Analyzer, Visual Flow Creator and Visual Explorer.

Begin building your assets with Asset Manager

How to: configure and share assets using cross-tenancy 

Create value when monitoring assets with Fleet Manager

How to: build rules for notifications and status of your assets

Quickly set up root cause analysis scenarios with Visual Analyzer

How to: filter data from different devices simultaneously

Immediately access your data with Visual Flow Creator

How to: work with your data to create a flow

Calculating KPIs with Visual Flow Creator

How to: design workflows and trigger key events 

Simple dashboarding with Visual Flow Creator

How to: create a dashboard and publish to your tenant

Defining data sources to start Visual Explorer

How to: create data sources from connected assets

Discover the power of dashboarding with Visual Explorer

How to: customize advanced data visualizations 

Dashboarding with Visual Explorer

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