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Find everything you need to start creating your own apps for MindSphere® in the Developer space. We’re working hard – to make coding for MindSphere as easy as possible.


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Explore the working principles behind MindSphere in our Concepts section, including a brief overview of the architecture, the API lifecycle, and important aspects regarding authentication and authorization. If you’re ready to get to work, check out our “how tos” for quick guidance and the basics you need to start developing – like how to integrate apps, use Mendix apps in MindSphere, and run a Cloud Foundry-hosted app.


Choose your stack, not your limits

Experience MindSphere and contribute to the right decision when it comes to your working stack.

Building tools

We have all of the tools you need to make developing even faster. Get the latest API versions for management, IoT and storage, connectivity, analytics and exchange services. Our helpful design system provides all the details you need to design your app – from the flow of the user experience to all aspects of the visual identity. To get a quick start, check out the MindSphere SDKs or browse the tools and libraries created by the MindSphere community.


APIs and Services

Find the latest API versions to develop core services with minimal effort.


Design System

Browse our UI tool kits to design interfaces more quickly.


Web Components

Explore SDKs and a library full of code patterns to help you get a quick start.

What's new on MindSphere?

Check out the most exciting enhancements of the latest MindSphere releases:

  • Unlock the full potential of your existing hardware with MindConnect Software Agent
  • Tailor your MindConnect Edge Analytics solution with custom Analysis Packages
  • Improved connectivity for X-Tools through a MQTT broker
  • Simulation and KPI enhancements for Closed-Loop System Simulation and Discrete Event Simulation

Introducing Mendix & MindSphere

The low-code platform designed for speed, collaboration & control

  • Leverage MindSphere APIs directly from Mendix
  • Start with MindSphere template apps and tools
  • Individual learning paths for every skill set
  • Work faster with a low-code platform

Develop your MindSphere application ten times faster

Build meaningful apps with the Mendix graphical and visual deployment components. Download your Mendix Modeler and start building MindSphere apps today. Start your application development for MindShere based on templates that contains everything you need to begin today.

MindSphere & Mendix – Building an app for Non-Coders

See how easy it is to develop a MindSphere industrial IoT application with live data using the rapid application development (RAD) approach with data from several machines to different target groups. To start your own Mindsphere & Mendix journey you could use our basic pump Asset example


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Join the world’s largest community of developers to discover, share and build within MindSphere.


Developer Forum

Discuss the latest developments in IoT with developers from around the world.


MindSphere Training

Gain the fundamentals of MindSphere - with App Development trainings and more


Open Space

Collaborate with customers and create new MindSphere-based solutions.

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