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Flexibility at your fingertips

Looking for the fastest way to develop your apps? Welcome to the flexibility of MindSphere. Here are all the essentials to know when developing, integrating, and hosting MindSphere applications.

Draw inspiration from the use cases and take-aways of people who develop apps with MindSphere.

Basics of Mindsphere

Create your app faster



Accelerate implementation with MindSphere SDKs for Java, Node JS, and Python.


Web components

Jumpstart your process with a pattern library full of ready-to-use code.


Develop apps ten times faster

Speed up with Mendix' visual modeling suite, pre-built components, and business-logic workflows.


Design system

Make the look and feel of your MindSphere app shine with these patterns, best practices, and ready-to-use components.


MindSphere open source

Profit from open-source tools, libraries, demos, and SDKs contributed by our MindSphere Community members.


Rest Api interfaces

Meet MindSphere’s great APIs and explore available HTTP operations for defining how your app interacts with other applications.


Authentication and authorization

Familiarize yourself with key aspects of using authentication and authorization to secure access to your MindSphere app.


Role-based access control

Learn how to use app-specific roles and scopes to keep your MindSphere application secure.

Host your app the way you like it

Fast and easy hosting with Cloud Foundry

Run, stop, scale, and configure your applications across multiple regions with a managed runtime environment powered by Cloud Foundry.



You want to integrate an app hosted on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, your own or other infrastructures? Here's how you integrate apps hosted outside of MindSphere.


Integrate and provide your app to your environment of choice


Developer Cockpit

Easily configure and manage your developed applications in MindSphere.


Operator Cockpit

Manage and provide applications in MindSphere.

Get the support you need

    In which programming languages can I develop an App for MindSphere?

      If you choose to host your application using the MindSphere hosting environment, which is based on Cloud Foundry, use the following buildpacks: Java, Node.js, .Net Core, Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, staticfile,binary and Mendix. If you host the app in another infratructure, you are free to choose the programing laguage.

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    Can I program my Mindsphere apps with my own development environment (IDE) like Eclipse or BlueJ?

      Yes you can use your own IDE. 


    Do I have to host Applications in MindSphere?

      You can host your applications either on the MindSphere Cloud Foundry application runtime or your own infrastructure.


A great community to be part of

Ask questions and share ideas with people who use MindSphere.


Stay connected

Join the world’s largest community of developers to discover, share, and build with MindSphere.

Accelerate your skills


App development training

Take your skills to the next level and get ready to develop MindSphere apps. Boost your career by showcasing your skills as a MindSphere App Developer to potential customers.


How-tos and tutorials

Shape your own learning journey with MindSphere's comprehensive resources on app development.

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