Just connect. It's simple and secure.

Here's how you connect your dots. Pick industrial-grade hardware, use free source-code tools, integrate your apps and data across networks, or build your own gateway with our industry-standard API. And then, service and maintain "your dots" with Remote Services.

Basics of Mindsphere

Connect your device

There's any number of ways you can use MindSphere to connect a device. You can integrate MindSphere into customer devices. You can connect a single asset. Why not connect several assets of the same type across sites? The sites can be yours - or your customer's. Easy to onboard and update, low-bandwidth but bidirectional: Meet our four most popular connectors.


MindConnect IoT2040:

Ideal for smaller production setups

This plug-and-play connector gives you near real-time insight into one industrial process. Data reading cycle: up to 30 data points per second and 5 connections.


MindConnect MQTT:

Connect MQTT devices, apps and services

Seamlessly connect your devices with zero touch onboarding and leverage secure bidirectional connectivity with MindSphere.


MindConnect API/LIB:

Build your own agent

Use the free SDK with source code to build your own agent on a hardware of your choice. In addition, you can simply use the RESTful APIs to build your own agents with a choice of programming language.


MindConnect Software Agent:

Turn your hardware into a gateway

This out-of-the-box software solution creates an agent out of already existing hardware. It comes with advanced drivers, edge computing and runs on Linux Docker or Windows 10 with Hyper-V.

Connect your shopfloor / operation

Gain transparency, cut cost and complexity, or add flexibility: Connecting shopfloor assets with MindSphere supports many different goals, and approaches. You can connect a host of different interconnected assets, at one or more sites. Pick one powerful device that supports many connections, or run several virtualized devices in a data center. Whatever solution you choose, all agents and connectors are easy to set up and configure. Goodbye complexity, hello freedom!


MindConnect Nano:

Ideal for complex use cases

This plug-and-play connector gives you near real-time business insight into multiple field devices. Data reading cycle: up to 250 data points per second and 30 connections.


MindConnect IoT2050:

A powerful and versatile allrounder

This ready-to-use connector gathers data using a range of protocols. It comes with advanced drivers and adds a local webserver and edge computing capabilities to your asset.


Industrial Edge & MS Connector:

Power couples for every challenge

Pick and match any edge device and connector in MindSphere's portfolio to collect data and send it to MindSphere. Want an even better fit? Expand their capabilities with apps, bought or built.

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MindConnect Software Agent:

Turn your hardware into a gateway

This out-of-the-box software solution turns existing hardware into an agent. It includes advanced drivers, offers edge computing capabilities, and runs on Linus Docker and Windows 10 with Hyper-V.

You want network components in different networks to talk to each other? Here's how.

You want to give your customer's apps access to apps and data hosted in another network? Meet Remote Services. This out-of-the-box solution for setting up a secure communication infrastructure is fast, easy to set up, and versatile. It supports encrypted access, app-specific protocols, and multi-partner service relations. It supports remote engineering or access to apps and data located on devices in other networks.


Your connectivity portfolio at a glance

Ideal for smaller production setups

MindConnect IoT2040


A powerful and versatile allrounder

MindConnect IoT2050

Ideal for complex use cases

MindConnect Nano

Power couples for every challenge

Industrial Edge Devices     MindSphere Connector

Software solutions

Connect apps and services

MindConnect MQTT

Build your own agent

MindConnect LIB     MindConnect API

Turn you hardware into gateways

MindConnect Software Agent

Get the support you need

    Can I use non-Siemens hardware and software to send data to MindSphere?

      Yes, can use non-Siemens hardware and software that supports standard communication protocols and develop your own connectivity solutions to send data to MindSphere. (Using MQTT, MindConnect API, MindConnect LIB and so on)

      Beside these possibilities, many Siemens hardware devices and software already can connect easily to MindSphere. Such as MindConnect Nano, MindConnect IoT 2040, MindConnect Software Agent and more.

    Can I develop my own Gateway?

      Yes, you can develop your own hardware. Use our MindConnect Lib SDK with C Programming (see)  or the MindConnect API with any programming language of you choice. You can use SDK of your choice and connect to MindSphere using MindConnect MQTT.  Or you use the connectivity solution Mindconnect Software Agend (MCSA).

    Can I use my own hardware as a gateway to MindSphere?

      Yes you can use your exisitng hardware and software using the MindConnect LIB SDK (see) to create a gateway.

      You can also use MindConnect Software Agend (MCSA) in your hardware to connect and send data to MindSphere (see). It is available for Windows and also as a dockerized version.


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More resources

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Use high-frequency data from your devices to monitor their condition. Calculate results and send them to MindSphere.

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