Apps & Solutions

This area provides manuals for Apps and Solutions that can help you to quickly become familiar with the specific app functionality and to create value out of your data. 


Asset Health and Service Hub

MindSphere Asset Health and Service Hub solution enables you to monitor, analyze, detect, and remotely repair industrial assets such as production machines, rotating equipment, or other devices connected to MindSphere.

OEE Hub         

OEE Hub is an easy-to-use MindSphere solution to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and further KPIs for lines and machines to better understand the underlying production process and thereby improve continuously. Additionally, it helps the user to track the success of measures taken.

Operations Insight                

With Operations Insight, you can monitor data from assets at one central point; do dashboarding, KPI calculation, create maintenance work flows, set-up base alerting with rules functionality.


easyDash is an easy-to-use dashboarding application that allows you to create no code, attractive, insightful dashboards.

Visual Flow Creator                

Visual Flow Creator is a component for the visual representation of data processing workflows.

Visual Explorer                               

Create your own customized visualizations based on your data from various sources in MindSphere. Use them to generate reports or set up data-driven alerts via email.

Edge Analytics                              

Edge Analytics allows you to acquire high frequency data and transfer it to MindSphere.


Visual Analyzer             

Visualize, analyze, and share data across your organization to drive collaboration and insight on your products and processes.

Predictive Learning             

Use Predictive Learning to deploy analytics to production systems and predict incidents before they happen.

Product Twin

Unlock IoT data from connected products to improve and optimize performance and design.


Factory Twin

Gain valuable insights into the production performance by integrating MindSphere’s IoT data with simulation models. 


Edge Streaming Analytics

Edge Streaming Analytics comprises the Creator web application ESC for editing and testing streaming workflows on your device, and the Manager web application ESM for monitoring your streaming device and automating the deployment of projects.

Data Exploration         

Data Exploration is a MindSphere component using Tableau for data visualization.


Analyze MyDrives              

Analyze MyDrives allows you to monitor multiple drive systems from a single point using a dashboard to determine drive system utilization.

Analyze MyMachine /Condition

Use Analyze MyMachine /Condition to reduce unscheduled downtimes by creating and tracking a machine tools’ mechanic fingerprint.

Analyze MyPerformance

Observe your machine utilization and increase its performance with Analyze MyPerformance /OEE-Monitor.

Energy Manager             

The MindSphere app SIMATIC Energy Manager provides you with information about how much energy has been consumed at any time online.

Machine Monitor               

Optimize your machine service with up-to-date insights based on actual machine usage. Benefit from ahead of time notifications for upcoming maintenance and keep track of your service history.

Manage MyMachines                                     

Use Manage MyMachines to visualize, monitor and analyze all tool machines connected to the MindSphere.

Manage MyMachines /Remote              

With Manage MyMachines /Remote, you can provide efficient and low-cost support for machine tools and production equipment via the Internet.

Manage MySINUMERIK Edge App Management

The MindSphere application Manage MySINUMERIK Edge App Management enables you to maintain your SINUMERIK Edge device. You can deploy SINUMERIK Edge applications and SINUMERIK Edge firmware including configuration capabilities to always keep your SINUMERIK Edge device up to date.”

Manage MySINUMERIK Edge App Publishing

The MindSphere application Manage MySINUMERIK Edge App Publishing lets you upload your SINUMERIK Edge application including necessary documents and release information to the repository of your MindAccess™ Account.


Your companion to receive push notifications from your machinery wherever you are - on site or on the road.


NXpower Monitor                

NXpower Monitor enables you to visualize and monitor electrical Assets within a main power distribution substation, like medium and low-voltage switchgear continously from anywhere in the world to increase transparency and optimize your energy distribution.

Performance Insight                 

The MindSphere application SIMATIC Performance Insight offers an online performance overview of machines, production lines or entire production sites.


SIDRIVE IQ Fleet is the offering to monitor and analyze your low voltage motors and manage your complete fleet.

SIMATIC Collaboration Board

Speed up the problem description and solve problems by using Fishbone/Ishikawa or 5-Why method.

SINUMERIK Service Assistance             

Increasing the availability of the machine tool by the use of SINUMERIK Service Assistance, is a standardized way to support service experts with fault analysis.

SIRIUS Asset Monitor

SIRIUS Asset Monitor provides an overview of data from your SIRIUS devices along with useful information on current operations. 

Production Tools and Equipment Manager                 

Support production planners, tool responsible and tool users keep track of their production tools.

SENTRON  Powermind

SENTRON Powermind provides transparency for your power distribution. It allows you to store, analyze and visualize data from your power distribution system.