System Tools

Systemtool & Components

  • Introduction
  • Asset Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Settings
  • Developer Cockpit
  • Operator Cockpit
  • Usage Transparency

Asset Manager

In Asset Manager, you model the structure of an industrial process using Assets, Types and Aspects.


With Settings, you can manage users and their permissions, add company specific information to the tenant and create subtenants.

Operations Insight

With Operations Insight, you can monitor data from assets at one central point; do dashboarding, KPI calculation, create maintenance work flows, set-up base alerting with rules functionality.

Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager enables you to monitor, visualize and analyze assets and aspects.

Developer Cockpit

Developer Cockpit helps developers to configure and manage their developed applications in MindSphere®.

Operator Cockpit          

Operator Cockpit allows you to manage and provide applications in MindSphere.

Deploy and update CF Apps Best Practice

This document gives you all necessary information about the deployment and update of Cloud Foundry Applications.

Usage Transparency    

Usage Transparency Service gathers various consumption metrics in MindSphere.

Container Registry       

MindSphere Container Registry enables customers to accelerate development, simplify storing and managing images, and reduce operations efforts.

Integrated Data Lake

Integrated Data Lake is an application in MindSphere to import and store the historical IoT data, access cross accounts and perform analytics on the data.


Upgrade allows you to buy the upgrades and use them instantly on your MindAccess™ Plan account.