An industrial IoT as a service solution to build on

MindSphere® is an industrial IoT as a service solution that uses advanced analytics and AI to power IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud.

With MindSphere you can ingest and visualize immediate real-time data and analytic results in one centralized location with no development required to unleash your digital potential.


Enable global access of cloud-based applications and solutions that quickly scale, expand and integrate based on business needs.


Perform advanced streaming analytics at the edge or in the cloud to fast-track insights for critical and non-critical processes.


Access new insights by combining and analyzing IoT data with information from PLM, CRM, ERP, SCM, SLM and MES systems.


Access industrial-based applications to get immediate value from the wealth of data collected from the Internet of Things.


Leverage a diverse global partner ecosystem and Siemens’ domain expertise across industries to transform IoT data into actionable insights.


Collect live performance data from production lines as well as from connected products to create a fully-functional, closed-loop digital twin.

It's not just a tool, we take you by the hand.

Need a hand during your journey through the IoT jungle? We support you every step along the way.

Leverage the business value of your data

MindSphere capabilities and services are designed to accommodate users at different stages of IoT maturity, along a phased path toward digitalization with targeted outcomes.

Step 1 Connect and Monitor

Explore Data

Start your MindSphere journey, extend the experience by connecting your assets to the cloud, explore your data and develop your IoT strategy.

Step 2 Analyze and Predict

Discover Insights

Discover a world of new insights: use the modern analytic tools to better understand and improve your processes.

Step 3 Digitalize and Transform

Transform Business

Transform your business, processes, and products at scale. Create a competitive advantage, reduce costs, and improve quality across the entire product lifecycle and supply chain.

Turn your product into a service


The Anything as a Service (XaaS) approach enables Original Equipment Manufactures to increase the business value of the offering.
Turn your product into a service by connecting it to MindSphere. Your customer profits from increased efficiency, as initial investment and material waste decrease.


MindSphere is part of Siemens Industrial IoT

The most comprehensive industrial Internet of Things solution - from edge to cloud - powering the convergence of IT and OT

Benefit from the unlimited possibilities of IIoT: Lower costs, higher quality, more flexibility, efficiency and faster innovation. At Siemens, our mission is to support your strategy: Conquer your market through the perfect integration of data and digitalization. Our IIoT solutions deliver the speed, scalability and versatility you need to succeed.


What's included in the MindAccess IoT Value Plan?

Operations Insight

Explore data and information from assets at one central point.


Asset Manager

Empowers you to on- or offboard agents to your account and to configure and share assets. 


Usage Transparency

Be aware of your consumption of resources and limits of subscribed services. 



Manage users, permissions, rights, roles, groups, collaborations, subtenants, and tenant provider information. 



Offer digital services to customers via subtenants.


Asset Types

Utilize included Asset types, pre-configured templates to create multiple assets with the same variables.



Rules help you to detect overshooting or undershooting of a defined threshold value.


Outbound Traffic

Included Outbound Traffic volume is useful whenever an application is downloading information and data is transferred. 


Team collaboration

Work together with your colleagues in the same tenant to generate business insights. 

Get access to Learn & Perform with MindSphere

The Learning as a Service membership contains training videos, knowledge checks, hands-on labs and exercise files for users of MindSphere. You'll deep dive into the core components offered by MindSphere. 

Start your learning journey with the Discover edition and free access to the courses “Introducing MindSphere” and “Exploring Essentials of MindSphere” for 30 days!


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