How MindSphere works for users


MindSphere® is an industrial IoT as a service solution that uses advanced analytics and AI to power IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud.

You want to connect and monitor your assets? Perform advanced analytics and predictive maintenance, or develop entirely new applications and business areas? MindSphere offers you a powerful industrial IoT as a service solution for your digital transformation and a rapidly growing number of ready-to-use apps.

Get the most out of IoT

MindSphere's capabilities and services are designed to accommodate users at different stages of IoT maturity, along a phased path toward digitalization with targeted outcomes.

Connect & Monitor

  • Connect assets and systems to MindSphere
  • Collect data and use it to improve processes, enhance customer experience, reduce downtime, and more

Analyze & Predict

  • Build analytics models and gain new insights from integrated data sets and analytics tools
  • Implement automated predictive and prescriptive processes

Digitalize & Transform

  • Build and use targeted transformative applications 
  • Develop new capabilities, services, and business models 

Benefit from our services

Whether you are already working with MindSphere or just starting your IoT strategy - we support you in unlocking your IoT potentials with comprehensive consulting services, trainings, and other professional services.


An industrial IoT as a service solution to build on

Siemens' MindSphere paves the way for users and partners into a dynamic and thriving IoT ecosystem. The ecosystem nurtures sustainable growth along a set of guiding principles. 


Flexibility, know-how, and scalability: MindSphere works for a wide range of industries and areas of application.


MindSphere applications are intelligent answers to specific industrial  requirements and pain points.


From raw data to analysis: Protecting data and intellectual property is our top priority.

Get started right away

Benefit from the pre-defined MindSphere Solutions, tailored to your needs.

Connect & Monitor

Your IoT kickstart: Connect to get key data from your components and systems

OEM Installed Base Bundle

Discover new revenue streams utilizing industrial IoT

Analyze & Predict

A world of new insights: Use modern analytic tools to better understand and improve your processes

Smart Machine Assistant

Increase of machine performance, improved production quality and reduction of non-conformance costs with Smart Machine Assistant

Digitalize & Transform

Generation of optimization and growth: Build and operate powerful targeted applications to transform your business

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