How MindSphere works for operators


MindSphere gives its users an open operating system, developers a convenient PaaS and operators a reliable SaaS solution with a highly attractive marketplace for providers of IoT applications and services. Provide powerful IoT solutions to a growing worldwide MindSphere user base.

Begin by installing a ready-to-use, low-code SaaS solution on your productive environment. Provide your SaaS solution to your customers directly or offer the solution through the MindSphere Store. Monitor and react to data from customers across the globe using your solutions without downtimes. 

Get the most out of loT

With MindSphere, Siemens invites you to begin working with a powerful industrial SaaS operating solution to provide unique IoT solutions and services. 

Get Started Fast

  • Install a ready-to-use SaaS solution on your productive environment without coding knowledge or command lining.

Promote Your Solution

  • Provide your SaaS solution to your Customers directly or offer the solution through the MindSphere Store. 

Continuously Adapt and Improve

  • Monitor your running solution and what your customers are doing. React immediately and learn about what customers want from live application and performance data to eliminate downtimes. 

Benefit from our services!

The operator is the true business owner who is responsible for reliable solutions and continuous availability. From business planning to efficient marketing of your IoT offerings – work with our experts to build a successful offering on the MindSphere platform and help grow your business. 


A platform to build on

The proliferation of sensors and the vast amount of data they collect – especially in industries – emphasizes the huge potential of an IoT platform pushed by Siemens as a leading global player.


MindSphere allows you to scale productivity for you and your customers based on their needs. 


MindSphere provides up-to-date application data and performance metrics so you can innovate constantly based on what you learn from customer usage. 


MindSphere infrastructure, design and architecture enable you to provide running and reliable solutions. 

Check out the Operator Guide

DevOps Guide

The DevOps Guide is for use by MindAccess Developer Plan and/or MindAccess Operator Plan subscribers.

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