Develop and manage your own solutions

With its capabilities and its dedicated cockpits for app developers and operators, MindSphere®, the industrial IoT as a service solution, makes it quick and easy to profit from the IoT.

Develop, test, and operate your market-specific applications in a dedicated space on MindSphere. Built on the Mendix application platform, MindSphere enables you to speed up application development via pre-built templates. 

MindSphere for developers
Step 1 Code Apps

Build apps

  • Develop your own IoT apps - even faster and with fewer resources using the low-code application development platform Mendix OR code locally and in any conventional language
  • Deploy apps to public, private, and hybrid clouds with one-click.
  • Choose the experience that works for your users - from mobile and tablet to wearable and virtual reality.

  Read the DevOps Guide

Step 2 Manage Apps

Manage apps

  • Register, test, and deploy your apps with MindSphere.
  • Deploy your apps to your customers directly or sell them through the MindSphere Store.
  • Monitor your running solution and learn how your customers use it.

  Read the DevOps Guide

Step 3 Become an IoT Expert

Sell apps

  • Tap new sources of income as an app provider.
  • Sell your apps with payment and invoicing options via MindSphere. 
  • Profit from the rapid growth of our open and dynamic ecosystem.

Read the Seller Guide

Choose your stack, not your limits

Experience MindSphere and contribute to the right decision when it comes to your working stack.

Serving your priorities with a strong foundation

Behind outstanding work stands a solid infrastructure: MindSphere and Mendix
ensure a secure, reliable, and scalable system.

Protect your intellectual property

  • Ensured data encryption and separation based on multitenant system
  • Regular security audits and tests
  • Certified development process (ISO 9001, ISO/IE27001, IEC62443-4-1, etc.)
  • Integrated authorization management for applications based on oAuth

Rely on performance and transparency

  • High performance by running every service in multiple availability zones and regions
  • Transparent system status monitoring and maintenance processes
  • Updating of your customers’ applications without downtime

Scale your resources and processes quickly

  • Easy scaling of large data ingest and resources
  • Automatic handling of hot and cold storage to ensure fast availability of time series data and historical analysis
  • Automated process to attend to multiple customers from app development via invoicing to customer delivery

What's included in the MindAccess DevOps Plan?


Developer Cockpit

Configure and manage your developed applications in MindSphere.


Fleet Manager

Enables you to monitor, visualize and analyze assets and aspects.


Asset Manager

Empowers you to on- or offboard agents to your account and to configure and share assets. 


Usage Transparency

Be aware of your consumption of resources and limits of subscribed services. 



Manage users, permissions, rights, roles, groups, collaborations, subtenants, and tenant provider information. 


Cloud Foundry development space

Easily run own applications across all regions via managed runtime environment powered by Cloud Foundry.


MindSphere APIs

Profit from analytics, notification services, identity and access management and more.


Backing Service instances

Multiple Backing Services are included, each instance running on a dedicated virtual machine. 


Outbound Traffic

 Profit from data volume for consuming MindSphere services from outside of MindSphere.


Supported build packs

Go, Java, .Net core, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Static File, Mendix


Team collaboration

Work together with your colleagues in the same tenant to develop, test, and operate your apps.


Get access to Learn & Perform with MindSphere

The Learning as a Service membership contains training videos, knowledge checks, hands-on labs and exercise files for MindSphere developers. You'll learn how to connect assets, develop applications with no/low code or traditional development, and use MindSphere capabilities to analyze data.

Start your learning journey with the Discover edition and free access to the courses “Introducing MindSphere” and “Exploring Essentials of MindSphere” for 30 days!


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