Your next app can do great things

Use MindSphere to make machines smart, make production lines fast, and prevent equipment failures before they happen. All on a scale you never thought possible.



It starts with machine data

MindSphere offers the most connected machines worldwide. Using MindConnect, these machines upload data to the cloud to be analyzed. That’s where data turns into business insight that can increase efficiency and profitability.

Add MindSphere APIs

Increase the business value of your data with a few well chosen APIs. MindSphere gives you a vast and growing selection of APIs —everything from asset management and trend prediction to stock prices and weather.


Data Visualization

Units and Metrics

Weather Information

Create, test and deploy effortlessly

MindSphere is an open, cloud-based development platform. It offers an intuitive, straightforward environment that lets you build, scale and deploy fast.




Build better apps with MindSphere