The Cloud-based, Open IoT Operating System

Your Gateway to IoT

MindSphere is the cloud-based IoT open operating system from Siemens. It connects your products, plants, systems, and machines, enabling you to harness the wealth of your data with advanced analytics. In addition, it gives you access to a growing number of apps and a dynamic development ecosystem. MindSphere works with all popular web browsers.

An Operating System - Software As A Service (SaaS) for Users

  • Connect assets and upload data to the cloud 
  • Collect, monitor, and analyze data in real time 
  • Gain insights that improve efficiency and profitability 
  • Add apps that increase the business value of your data


An Ecosystem for Developers and Makers

  • Open environment for development and operations 
  • Ready-to-use APIs and services
  • Smooth interfacing with AWS, Azure & Alibaba infrastructures
  • Thriving community of developers and corporate partners

Trending Applications

Manage My Machine

Monitor and manage your global machine fleet from a single tool. Aggregate critical data to gain sound analytical insights, improve service processes, and optimize resource deployment.

Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence enables you to unify, search and analyze contextualized big data to deliver actionable intelligence that will enable you to pinpoint the source of value chain issues.

Visual Analyzer

Visualize, analyze, and share data across your organization to drive collaboration and insights on your products and processes. Visual Analyzer is an additional component of Fleet Manager.

Get Ready for IoT

Introduction Training

This one-day classroom training covers key aspects of the MindSphere ecosystem from use cases to a live demonstration of collection of sensor data and the subsequent data analytics.

IoT Development Training for MindSphere

In this three-day training you will learn about the MindSphere architecture, MindSphere APIs, security concepts, the permission model, request routing, and the MindSphere RESTful API.

MindSphere & Mendix – Building an app for Non-Coders

See how easy it is to develop a MindSphere industrial IoT application with live data using the rapid application development (RAD) approach with data from several machines to different target groups. 


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