Create your custom MindSphere solution

Choose from multiple access options to a broad selection of apps and services as well as connectors for industrial assets to build an industrial IoT as a service solution customized to your needs. 



Securely connect assets to collect and transfer data to MindSphere®



Get immediate access to MindSphere and applications for MindSphere



Analyze IoT data to improve business productivity



Accelerate your MindSphere journey with professional services and trainings

Explore applications and components

Monitor your assets and analyze their data to predict future events using MindSphere applications and components.



Manage MyMachines


Manage MyMachines from Siemens Motion Control leverages expertise in machine tool operations in state and conditions including alarms



Foresight Performance


Foresight Performance from QiO lets you digitally streamline compliance and performance tracking to your company and industry standards




Visual Flow Creator


Design your own workflows using a web-based editor to prepare data for further visualization and define rules to trigger actions



Edge2Web Director


Develop high-powered MindSphere dashboards and applications in hours using Edge2Web Director's visual app builder



SIMATIC Performance Insight

Improves machine productivity for various industries with worldwide access to machine data to visualize machine conditions that help improve productivity



Rittal Smart Service


Increase machine availability, reliability and efficiency in your production by using Rittal Smart Service for intelligent remote monitoring






Reduce unplanned downtime and maximize OEE with Senseye: The leading, scalable industrial predictive maintenance product



Manage MyMachines /Remote


Faster problem solving through remote machine tool access





Save money and avoid unplanned downtime with seiotecmaint application for Smart Maintenance



Manage MyMachines /Spindle Monitor

Extension to Manage MyMachines enabling main spindle unit specific data collection and visualization



Product Intelligence


Automate insights from product performance data to create actionable intelligence




SIRIUS Asset Monitor


SIRIUS Asset Monitor provides transparency on the status of low voltage applications and an overview of your SIRIUS devices to optimize your processes




Visual Analyzer


Visualize, analyze, and share data across your organization to drive collaboration and insights on your products and processes





SIDRIVE IQ Fleet digitalizes your drive systems and tells you how your motors and converters are doing and improves maintenance activities




Visual Explorer


Build visualizations and dashboards utilizing a web-based solution of Tableau®





Predictive Learning


Schedule predictive maintenance, predict product performance, and increase operational efficiency




Data Exploration built on Tableau®

Explore your IoT data using the powerful data preparation, visualization and analytics engine of Tableau®





CNC PIPM can establish the connection with any CNC machines regardless of communication protocols




Analyze MyPerformance /OEE-Monitor

Observe your machine utilization and increase its performance with Analyze MyPerformance /OEE-Monitor



SIMATIC Machine Monitor


Track your maintenance intervals and monitor the productivity of your connected production machines for an optimized machine service



SIMATIC Notifier


Reduce reaction times and downtimes by monitoring your assets and sending notifications right to your staff's pocket



SIPROTEC Dashboard


Monitor the operational status of your SIPROTEC device fleet, increase power grid data transparency and optimize maintenance activities



SIRIUS Asset Monitor Upgrade

Upgrade your SIRIUS Asset Monitor application with additional assets



Valve Monitoring


Manage your valves and positioners efficiently and avoid costly unexpected shutdowns with visualization of asset conditions through multi-charts and KPIs

Expand your MindAccess plan

Choose upgrades to customize your MindSphere experience.



Rules Quota Upgrade

Increase the number of active rules for Fleet Manager by 100




Analytics Services Upgrade

Upgrade your analytics services with an additional 10,000 API calls per month



Backing Services


Select from Elasticsearch, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, or LogMeMe



Outbound Traffic


Increase the outbound traffic volume and activate the integration of self-hosted applications



Mendix for MindSphere

Single App Edition

Verify your MindSphere application built with Mendix with this Mendix license key

Accelerate your MindSphere journey

MindSphere experts offer professional consulting, implementation and training for every step of your MindSphere journey.

Learn & Perform with MindSphere


This Learning as a Service membership contains training videos, knowledge checks, hands-on labs and exercise files for users and developers of MindSphere. Users will learn more about core components offered by MindSphere. Developers will learn how to connect assets, develop applications with no/low code or traditional development, and use MindSphere capabilities to analyze data.

MindSphere Virtual Instructor-led Training



Virtual Instructor-led Training is scheduled for a variety of dates and allows you to attend product training virtually with no travel costs involved.

Make your assets IoT-ready

Collect and connect your data to MindSphere. Use MindConnect® hardware, software or edge analytics capabilities.



MindConnect Nano


Securely collect and transfer data to MindSphere to enable cloud-based applications and services




 MindConnect Edge Analytics Engineer

Increase the availability of your machines and improve plant efficiency





 MindConnect IoT Extension Upgrade

Add 20 GB data ingest per month to your MindConnect IoT Extension





 MindConnect Integration for Cloud

Securely bring existing data into MindSphere to enable cloud-based applications and services




 MindConnect Integration for On-premise

Securely integrate on-premise enterprise systems and data historians with MindSphere



MindConnect IoT2040


Your entry level IoT connector used to collect and transfer data and enable MindSphere

Access MindSphere

Configure assets as well as use existing apps, or develop and run your own apps.

MindAccess IoT Value Plan

Get access to all MindSphere apps and services and benefit from a rich set of system tools.

MindAccess Developer Plan

Develop MindSphere applications and strengthen your digitalization strategy to meet your customer’s unique requirements. 

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