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Condition monitoring and asset management with the Rittal Smart Maintenance app

Intelligently networked cooling solutions, which reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints by up to 75 per cent, are able to communicate with their production environment and lay the foundations for proactive maintenance and service concepts.

Rittal is one of the world's leading system suppliers in the fields of enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure, and software and services.

Festo Industrial Automation

The two market leaders Festo and Siemens closely co-operate since more than 25 years. Examples are PROFIBUS, PROFINET, AS-Interface and IO-Link. Today and in the era of industry 4.0 cloud-based concepts such as MindSphere are additional milestones.

As a first application for MindSphere, Festo showcases a condition monitoring dashboard that supports to save energy costs of customers automation applications.

Ham-Let Group, Advanced Control Technology

Ham-Let Group and Siemens partnered to develop the first highly-integrated industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) valve for industrial use. The valve senses matter that passes through it as well as various environmental conditions. The valve works together with MindSphere, the industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens, to implement device management, analytics, and visualization.

The integrated end-to-end system increases the reliability of actual solutions, reduces costs, and minimizes the physical space required for valve rigs. The solution also includes managed gateways to perform on-premise real-time edge computing and analytics.

Experience Solutions built on MindSphere

Discover MindSphere-based solutions from Siemens and the MindSphere partner ecosystem and learn which potential you can exploit through MindSphere!

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